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Aardgas CNG/NGV-1 mounting unit

NGV-1 mounting unit

For an easy and cheap installation of your NGV-1 refuelling receptacle Q Plus designed a mounting unit with many interesting features:

Cheap and easy installation of the reinforced Nylon parts. Easy opening and closing, even under extreme (cold) weather conditions due to ergonomic grip and force increasing internal helix. Optional fixation of the cap with a stainless steel cord so loss of the dustcap is prevented.

It is also possible to order a explosion proof safety switch integrated in the housing at minimal costs. In this way you can prevent the car being started (and driven away) when the 200 bar refuelling hose is still connected. Quick and simple reassembly of the dustcap on the receptacle by simply pushing it down. Also we have thought about your other assembly demands: The venting hose over the fuel pipe is easy connected and fixed on a specialpipe shape ending.